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Gale Farm (1.62 mb) Pictures from the beginning and the end of the movie. These are black and white photos. There are houses twirling about in the tornado. Snippets of sounds.
Glinda the Good Witch (1.13 mb) This is a slideshow type screensaver of Dorothy and Glinda. The backgrounds are tiled. No sounds or music.
Moments in Oz (1.68 mb)  This is a nice presentation of slides from the movie. Soft music and a soft flow of slides. Very Nice.
Munchkinland (1.2 mb) Must have for OZ fans. Sounds of the munchkins singing with Bouncing Ruby Slippers, houses and tornadoes. Look out Kansas! 
Off to Oz (488 kb)  The group heads out on their long and turbulent journey. They run into many obstacles along the way. 
ScareCrow (1.02 mb) Nice screensaver for the ScareCrow fans. He is my second favorite character. Has brief sounds, very nice. 
Tinman (1.58 mb) Hearts and metal never went together better than in this screensaver. This is a favorite. The Tin Man sings, "If I only had a heart". Hearts float and pictures zoom 
Toto (2.06 mb)  Lots of Toto pictures displayed to the sounds of Over the Rainbow. 
The Cowardly Lion (482 kb)  The Cowardly Lion Earns his courage. Stands by his comrades and is rewarded. 
The Symbols of Oz (167 kb)  All the symbols of Oz bounce around your screen to the sound of Somewhere over the Rainbow. 
Wicked Witch (2.70 mb) The wicked Witch plots the capture of Dorothy and the trio for the ruby slipper. Sounds and bouncing icons 

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